19 April 2010

ABAA outreach at Jigani

Members from ABAA have conducted sky watching sessions at Vivekananda Yoga Kendra, Jigani on the 3rd and 17th of April. There was a big turnout of 400+ on both the days. The following members of the association have been associated with the activity. Anil, Chandra, Seema and Jayanthi were present on the 3rd or April with two telescopes showing Saturn to the big gathering. On the 17th the members carried four telescopes with members Anil, Chandra, Dilip, Naveen and Seema joining the program. The enthusiastic and inquisitive kids kept us busy with plenty of questions. Clouds played spoilsport on both the days blocking out the skies for about half an hour on both the days. Fortunately, the rains kept away ensuring that all the kids got a chance to look at the beautiful Saturn's disk.

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