29 April 2010

Ajay Talwar, well known amateur astronomer and astrophotographer gave a talk on Techniques of Astrophotography at ABAA last Saturday 24/04/10. Mr Ajay shared his photos and explained in detail on the methods and equipments needed to take good astrophotos. He explained the various methods involved in astrophotogarphy, from webcam to CCD cameras and, from tripod to afocal. Audience enjoyed the astrophotos taken by Ajay, and after the listening to the talk, they started really appreciating the effort involved. Ajay Talwar encouraged the gathering to take photos and stressed on practicing and familiarizing the methods, he made a good point--Go out and take photos whenever the sky permits--this will really help in familiarizing the methods. After the talk Ajay took questions and cleared doubts of amateurs and general public. This was a good interactive session and amateurs and public were highly benefited.

Ajay Talwar had brought his 20 inch telescope to have a sky show, but weather played a spoil sport, the sky was washed out. Amateurs had a treat to their eyes with, seeing the wonderful setup of the light bucket. An informal discussion was held and amateurs shared the info on telescopes, mounts and drives.

ABAA would like to thank JNP for the support in making the event a success.

ABAA thanks all the members and public for attending the talk, ABAA also thanks BAS friends for their attendance and participation in the event.

Here are some photos of the session.

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  1. Thanks to Mr. Ajay Talwar for a wonderful lecture session...and ABAA for hosting. Also very nice picture of the session.