26 September 2011

Sunspots viewing at ABAA

On Sunday afternoon the sky was clear and this prompted ABAA members T S Madhava, Naveen and Natraj to take out the association's 6inch telescope to show general public the Sunspots and also safe methods of observing the Sunspots. Members also explained the reasons for Sun spots to the curious public. The response was really good with a question and answer session which continued till the sun set.

Here are few photos of the session:

Naveen, Natraj and Madhava setting up the telescope and focusing Sunspots.

Madhava, Naveen and Natraj making final adjustments.
Madhava happy with public response

Public viewing the Sunspot and discussing

Naveen showing Sunspots to Students

ABAA members enjoy Sunspots before Sun disappears behind the tall buildings.

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