26 September 2011

Uranus in Opposition

Uranus will be in opposition today in the constellation of Pisces. When a planet, Earth and the Sun make a straight line with the Earth at the centre, the planet is said to be in opposition.  As the planet rises when the Sun sets, it gives full night for observing the planet.  The mean distance of the planet Uranus at opposition is 2.72 billion kilometres with a magnitude of 5.5 which is an easy target for even small pair of binoculars.
Here are carts that will be helpful in locating the planet. The sky charts are made for 8pm local time, by this time the great square will be in good altitude in the eastern horizon. First get the bright 2.8 magnitude gamma pegasi in the binocular field, then move south around 9degrees to get Omicron Piscim a 4th magnitude star. Move the binocular 7 degrees south east of Omicron Piscium to get the planet Uranus in the field.
Rising time for Uranus for coming days:

September 26th Uranus will rise at 18:12
September 28th Uranus will rise at 18:04
October 1st Uranus will rise at 17:52
October 4th Uranus will rise at 17:40
October 10th Uranus will rise at 17:15
October 16th Uranus will rise at 16:50

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