08 December 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse December 10th 2011

The last full Moon of the year will put up an amazing show this Saturday. We will witness Total Lunar eclipse on 10th December 2011. 

The umbral eclipse starts at 6:15pm, at this time Moon will be low in the eastern horizon at an altitude of about 6 degrees. Better to get to a place where we have clear view of the horizon with no obstructions from buildings or trees. The shadow will start from NE of the Moon. 

The shadow slowly covers the Moon's surface and the Moon will enter the totality phase at 7:35pm, with the Moon's altitude at 23degrees. 

The totality ends at 8:27pm with the moon's altitude at 36 degrees, the Moon will emerge from totality shadow slowly brightening from the SE. The umbral eclipse of the Moon ends at 9:48pm with the Moon fully coming out of earth's shadow.  

Here are a few sky maps of the eclipse at different stages.

Beginning of eclipse  6:15pm

Start of Totality 7:35pm

End of Totality 8:27pm

End of Lunar Eclipse of December 10th 2011

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  1. Nice information. Hope we have clear skies to witness this beautiful celatial event.