26 September 2012

ABAA News: Discussion on Kepler and Titius-Bode Law

On Sunday 23rd September, members were discussing about Kepler laws at ABAA, when calculating periods of planets, to remember the distance in AU, members spoke about Bode's law...Here is a small Jpg I made explaining Titius-Bode Law...until Uranus, numbers match beyond that the error increases...Now you will never forget the distances of Planets from the Sun :-)

Here is the Image and couple of photos of the session

Titius-Bode Law for remembering Planets distances in AU

Ravindra Aradhya explaining  Titius-Bode Law

ABAA Members at the session


  1. Dear Colleague,
    I am sending you information. Have a look at it please.
    Georgi Gladyshev
    Professor of Physical Chemistry

    Titius - Bode law (Liesegang)
    There is proposed a hypothesis according to which the regular structure of planetary and satellites systems can be explained as a consequence of spatially periodic condensation of gaseous matter during the formation of the Central Body.
    According to the hypothesis, the periodic condensation on cosmic scales is analogous to the Liesegang phenomenon. Calculations indicate that the hypothesis is in agreement with certain facts: the mechanism of condensation under consideration does not contradict the basic laws of diffusion (mass transfer) and s number of physical models:
    http://creatacad.org/?id=21&lng=eng http://creatacad.org/?id=24&lng=eng http://creatacad.org/?id=23&lng=eng
    Now the Titius-Bode law sometimes helps to find new exoplanets!
    According to the model Saturn is younger Earth. Titan is younger than Saturn! See also: http://creatacad.org/?id=23&lng=eng !
    The violation of law may be in the latter stages of the evolution of planetary and satellite systems as a consequence of the action of gravitational forces.

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