01 March 2011

National Science Day exhibition from JNP and ABAA

On the occasion of Nation Science Day, held every year on Feb 28, JNP and ABAA made an effort to popularize astronomy among people. JNP had put up exhibits of different types of telescopes and ABAA volunteers were there to explain the working of telescopes and their application in different branches of astronomy.

From morning ABAA volunteers helped students and public understand the working of telescopes in detail. They explained how the refractors and reflector telescopes work, their optics, light ray path and also covered advantages and disadvantages of refractors and reflectors.

It was great to see that even on a busy week day ABAA members took time out and came to help people understand telescope and create awareness on Astronomy. ABAA thanks all its volunteers for making time and helping the cause. ABAA thanks JNP for their support during the event and hopes of more such activities.

ABAA Volunteers:

Namratha S

Priya S Srivatsa

Bharath A J

T S Madhava

Here are few Photos of the event

Priya S Srivatsa explaining refractor telescope

Namratha S explaining telescope to students

Namratha S explaining telescope to students




Namratha explaining optics to public

Bharath A J explaining refractor

Kamalesh explaining Newtonian telescope

Madhava T S, long time member and active member of ABAA.

Bharath giving details to media

Namratha explaining telescope to media

Students looking through telescope.

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  1. Congrats for a super show and Many thanks to Volunteers for their time. Its good to see active participation to know more about Astronomy & Telescopes. Very nice pictures.