14 November 2011

ABAA outreach program

ABAA conducted an outreach program at Nellorepura Kannada School on 12th Nov. This is one of the schools adapted by company Broadcom India and it is called Project Lotus, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility effort of the company. Amrutha invited ABAA to give a talk on basic astronomy to the school kids.

ABAA thanks Project Lotus volunteers Naga Chandra, Sajith, Sundar and Amrutha for their effort and help in arranging the talk to introduce astronomy to kids. All of Project Lotus volunteers work for Broadcom India.

The talk was given by Mr. Madhava T S, Treasurer/Jt Secretary of ABAA. Madhava took the kids on a trip to all the planets through slides explaining the wonders of the planets and their moons.

Here are some Photos from the session