ABAA Activities

Activities of Association of Bangalore Amateur Astronomers (ABAA) involves Popularizing astronomy.
Few are listed below...

Telescope Making:
ABAA helps people in making their own telescopes, regular Telescope making workshops are conducted in which people grind and polish telescope mirrors and build complete telescopes. They are also thought how to use the telescopes.

Night Sky Observations:
ABAA also in involved in serious sky observations of the night sky. Members travel outside the city, away from city lights and undertake deep sky observations of celestial objects like Galaxies, Nebulae, Open clusters, Globular clusters, Comets and many such deep sky wonders.

Special events:
ABAA arrange telescopes for viewing of rare events like Solar Eclipse, Occultations, Transits and appearance of rare objects like comets. ABAA provides information and observation tips for such events so that people can enjoy the events.

Regular talks are held at ABAA on various astronomical topics followed by discussions.

ABAA conducts outreach program at schools and colleges. In this program, members give talks on astronomical topics, introduce students to night sky and show celestial objects through the telescopes.
The out reach program is not restricted to schools and colleges only, ABAA conducts outreach programs to interested groups. ABAA can be contacted for such programs.