06 September 2012

Planets for the Month of September

Morning Planets:


Mercury will reach superior conjunction on September 10th and it will towards the end of the month that Mercury will be placed well for observing.


Jupiter is well placed for observations in the constellation of Taurus. The giant planet rises early at 11:45pm and has a magnitude of -2.4.  


Morning star Venus is well placed of observations through out the month. Venus rises at 3am in the constellation of Cancer shining at a magnitude of -4.2. The planet will just 2 degrees from M44 or beehive cluster as popularly known, on September 14th making it a fantastic view in binoculars. Seen through the telescope Venus will appear just more than half phase, moving towards gibbous phase as days go by.

Evening Planets:


Mars is in the evening twilight in the constellation of Libra. The red planet is at a magnitude of 1.2 and will set at 9:20pm.


Saturn is also placed low in the Western horizon, in the constellation of Virgo. The planet sets early at 8pm.


Uranus is well placed for observetion through out the month. Uranus rises early at 7pm giving full night for observations. This planet is visible through a pair of binoculars is at a magnitude of 5.7. Uranus will reach opposition on September 29th.


Neptune is also well placed for observations through out the month in the constellation of Aquarius. Neptune has a magnitude of 7.8.

Moon Phases:

Last quarter: 08-Sep-2012
New moon: 16-Sep-2012
First quarter: 22-Sep-2012
Full moon: 30-Sep-2012


On September 22nd Sun will reach autumnal equinox, when Sun's declination becomes zero and Right Aessionsion(RA) becomes 12 h. The Sun will reach this co ordinates at 9pm IST on September 22. Although this point is called First point of Libra, the Sun will be in Virgo constellation.

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