18 January 2010

Annular Eclipse 2010 a report and Photo from G Chandrashekar

Members of ABAA witnessed this celestial wonder from Rameswaram in the East Cost of India. The skies were just fantastic throughout the event with exceptional weather. The gathering was 50+ most of the time with occasional visitors (both local fishermen and tourists). A 5" telescope was setup entirely for the viewing purpose and people enjoyed the view of the orange disk with the distinct sunspots.

Annular Solar Eclipse Sequence 2010 ABAA
Annular Solar Eclipse Sequence 2010

The picture showing the entire event was taken by Chandrashekar of ABAA. The collage was prepared by our in-house Photoshop expert Anil. Totality (annularity!) as measured from the time in the photographs lasted for 9 minutes 30 seconds. I could not measure the exact duration of the entire eclipse since I missed photographing the first contact. I was caught on the wrong foot since I was setting up the 5" scope at that time. By extrapolating a bit from the pictures the event seems to have lasted 3 hours 52 minutes (probably a little more, others to confirm). Again, due to the unavoidable excitement of viewing the event through the telescope I missed to capture the exact moment of third contact on camera.


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