21 January 2010

Annular Solar Eclipse 2010 report and photos by Keerthi Kiran

Here is the report and Photos put together by Keerthi Kiran, Member of ABAA.

We had a wonderful time in Rameshwaram - Dhanushkodi. The Annular Eclipse trip was a huge success and we got some amazing views. Around 50 members of ABAA (Association of Bangalore Amateur Astronomers) were present at the venue. Activities performed were

1. Viewing the eclipse through Solar filters
2. Photographing the eclipse
3. Videographing the eclipse
4. Measure variation in light intensity and temperature during the eclipse

Equipments used:
100-400L lens
50-500mm lens
6" Maksutov
6" f/7 Equatorial
8" f/8 Equatorial
6" f/8 Dobsonian
Welding Helmet
Many Nikon Film SLRs
Nikon D50 DSLR
Canon 400D, 450D, 50D DSLRs
Many digicams, solar goggles, welding glasses(#13) and so on.
Solar Filters Used:
Seymour Solar filter
Thousand Oaks solar filter
Baader Filter
Mylar filter

Here are some photos of the same. Please leave your comments:

Here are some photos of the setup and members:

Me with my Telescope...all set..
Public enjoying the Eclipse
Public having fun during Eclipse
hmmmm...improvisation..way to go Viji

I got a lot of support from many members of ABAA especially Mr. Subramanya who planned the logistics for the trip and also allowed me to take pictures through his 6" f/7 scope.

Subramanya with his telescope

Measurement of the change in light intensity was done by Jayanth and Rahul of ABAA.

The experiment was very successful. It was noted that the light intensity at the time of maximum eclipse was 11% as that of the full sun. This tallied with the photographical data of the illuminated sun (10.7%).

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