24 March 2010

Occlutation of delta Geminorum

Image generated from Cartes du Ciel

Tonight, 24.03.2010, the Moon will occult delta Geminorum a 3.5 magnitude star. The Occultation is visible from most parts of India. kanyakumari will miss the occulataiton. The times and altitude of the Moon is given for Bangalore co ordinates.

Occultation Details:

Delta Geminorum disappears at 8:02pm IST.

The star will be occulted from dark side of the Moon.

Star will re appears at 9:07pm IST.

Altitude of the Moon will be 78 degrees from the western horizon and will be 65 degrees from the western horizon at the end of the occultation.

It is better to start observing few minutes early before the mentioned start time. It is easy to idenify the constellation, Moon is in the constellation Gemini today, locate the Moon and match to the star map attached.

Happy observing and please do share your observations.

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