17 March 2010

Sunday Talk - 14th Mar 2010

ABAA had organized a talk on "Modification of Altazimuth mount to Equatorial mount and Polar Alignment" on Sunday the 14th Mar 2010. The talk was given by Mr. Jayanth Basavarajaih, President, ABAA.
The duration of the talk was about one hour. Around 50 participants were present.
Mr. Jayanth started the talk by introducing the two types of Telescope mounts Alt-Azimuth and Equatorial. He talked about the advantages and disadvantages of both types of telescope mounts.
Then he talked about Simple Barn Door Tracker which is a simple equatorial platform which can be used to take wide-angle photos of the night sky using an SLR camera. He then discussed various types of errors that could occur in a Simple Barndoor Tracker and went on to explain the modifications to be done in order to reduce those errors. He suggested the use of a corrective cam and explained the math required for making such a cam.
He then talked about different methods of polar alignment and elaborated on drift method of polar alignment.

Here are some photos of the talk.

Mr. Jayanth explaining the principle behind the barn door tracker

Jayanth demonstrating the working of the Equatorial Mount to the audience.

Enthusiastic crowd listening to Jayanth.

ABAA conducts Astronomy talks every month. Be sure to visit this blog regularly to know more about them.

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