02 April 2012

ABAA Outreach

ABAA had been to Neev - Indiranagar to introduce kids to astronomy and show them Venus and Moon through the telescope. The talk soon converted into a interactive session with kids asking and sharing their understanding of astronomy. Its amazing how much kids know. After the talk kids enjoyed the view of Venus and Moon through the telescope. 

ABAA conducts outreach programs from time to time in schools and colleges to create awareness and help students understanding Astronomy and Telescopes better.

Here are few photos we want to share with you of the session.

ABAA member Bharath giving the talk.


  1. It was a wonderful experience. Amazing factor was that the kids knew most of the facts about Astronomy considering their age.

  2. Very nice initiative and programme by ABAA. Thank you volunteers.

  3. And not to forget one of the most active member of ABAA Mr. Ravindra Aradhya was also present for the program.

  4. Is there any event with NASA this month? Can you send me details regarding that. pooran at gmail dot com

    Thanks and regards,