20 September 2010

First light of ATM workshop telescope

It was a nice evening at ABAA on Sunday 19th, as the first telescope of this year's ATM workshop saw the first light. The 6 inch telescope mirror was ground and polished by ATM workshop participant Amrutha. The skies were pretty decent, as shiva prasad described it, with very little haze. Later the haze also cleared. The First object the telescope observed was Moon, in gibbous stage. Members and ATM participants enjoyed observing moon's surface and few photos were taken, thanks to Anita and her iPhone 3GS.

Next was the giant planet Jupiter. Witnessing the transit of IO on the surface of Jupiter and wonderful sight of emergence of IO was a good experience.

Congratulations to Amrutha for completing the telescope. In coming couple of Sundays all the telescope will see the first light.

Moon taken through Amrutha's telescope with 9mm eyepiece. Camera is Anita's iPhone 3GS.

Another pic of Moon taken through Amrutha's telescope again with 25mm eyepiece. Camera is Anita's iPhone 3GS.

Vinay trying to photograph Moon with his mobile phone. Anita and Shiva waiting to see the result.

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