12 October 2011

Few photos from Dr. Suresh Mohan's Talk on Principles of Astrophotography

Dr Suresh Mohan gave an wonderful insight into the field of Astrophotography. The talk was truly inspiring. The talk made people who want to enter astrophotography field, understand the preparation and effort that is needed for a good Astrophotography session and also the talk helped in understanding many processes that goes on during an astrophotography session. Dr Suresh Mohan explained complex concepts in simple terms that was very easy to understand.

Here are few pictures of the session

Dr. Suresh Mohan getting ready for the Talk, Jayanth, President ABAA looks on.

Mr Prakash Subbanna, Vice President of ABAA introducing Dr. Suresh Mohan to audience

Dr. Suresh Mohan delivering the talk.

Dr. Suresh Mohan explaining star drift.

Prakash Subbanna delivering vote of thanks to Dr. Suresh Mohan.

Jayanth presenting a memento to Dr. Suresh Mohan

From left to right: Jayanth, Dr. Suresh Mohan, Madhusudan, Pramod Galagali Assistant Director JNP, Dr. B S Shylaja having a discussion.

From left to Right: Jayanth, Dr. Suresh Mohan, Anil, Dilip Kumar, Chandrashekar Gen. Secretary ABAA, having discussion.

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