02 February 2010

Annular Solar Eclipse 15th Jan-2010 Light Intensity Experiment: Jayanth Basavarajaiah

Here are the findings of the experiments done during the Annular Eclipse on Jan 15, 2010. The experiments were carried out by a team led by Jayanth Basavarajaiah, President of ABAA. This presentation was created by Jayanth.

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Annular Solar Eclipse 15th Jan-2010 Light Intensity Experiment


  1. Congrats Jayanth & Rahul for doing this experiment...Valuable data and good inference. As said there is scope for improvement.

  2. Congrats Jayanth and Rahul!! I would like to suggest that atleast one more solar cell (and the complete setup) be used for the experiment next time, so that any instrument error can be eliminated and be confident that the experiment is reproducible.

  3. Thanks Amru & Prakash.
    Amru: WIll take your valuable feedback & introduce the same during our next measurement during an astronomical event. Your feedback and encouragement will keep us going a long way in popularizing Astronomy which is our main objective.