01 February 2010

Jayanth Basavarajaiah in live program on TV9 to discuss brightest Moon

This event was covered on TV9 during the close approach of the Moon on 30/01/2010 . Jayanth Basavarajaiah, President of ABAA was invited as part of a two member panel to participate and discuss on the event. The other panelist was Prof. RC.Kapoor from Indian Institute of Astrophysics. This was a live program and the discussion was for half an hour had some interesting points were discussed. Jayanth explained the various things that can done during the close approach and how amateur astronomers take astrophotos and make measurements. It was made clear that there is no truth in claims of some that bad things will happen if Eclipse are seen and also it was made clear there no effect on humans or any other being during eclipse or close approach of the Moon. Jayanth urged people to come out and enjoy the wonders of the sky and not to miss out on grand celestial events such as eclipses and close approach. He also mentioned that ABAA members have been observing eclipses and celestial events for many years and no harm has come about to members from past 30 years.

In the discussion Jayanth also explained about ABAA and its activities and also mentioned that ABAA meetings at JNP every Sunday evening. Jayanth also told the panel that amateur astronomy belongs to people from all walks of life, at ABAA all are welcome. ABAA helps people in building their own telescopes, help them understand the working of celestial bodies, help them in observations and ABAA goes to school and conducts outreach programs for kids, he told.

ABAA members congratulate Jayanth on successfully conveying amateur astronomers activities and ABAA to the public through TV9 live program.


  1. Congrats Jayanth, Thanks for putting ABAA on the Television Radar...

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