16 February 2010

Magadi Astronomy outreach by ABAA

Astronomy outreach Program was conducted by ABAA on the 10th February 2010 at Alfala College Campus in Magadi.

200 High School students, 75 science teachers and general public participated in the event.

It was the part of 2 day VIJNANA HABBA, organized by the science teachers of Magadi taluk and 32 schools in and around Magadi Taluk took part in the program.

Sky Watching Session started around 7pm and ended at about 10pm. Celestial wonders like the Orion nebula, Pleiades star cluster and the red planet Mars were shown to the students, teachers and to the public present there. While Mr. Chandrashekar, Mr. Anil and Mr. Arun were busy with the telescopes showing the celestial objects, Mr Prakash engaged the students by showing them the constellations and explained the on how to identify them.

Students had some interesting questions about our solar system, cosmology, Telescopes, how to make them and costs involved. It was good to see the enthusiasm and interest among the students.

Team ABAA comprised of Chandrashekar, Anil, Arun & Prakash Subbanna.

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