30 November 2009

Know Your Stars by Chandrashekar

Yesterday evening Chandrashekar, Gen. Secretary, ABAA, conducted the Know Your Stars program to students and general public. Chandrashekar introduced the constellations that were visible in the evening sky and also constellations that were visible in the morning sky in this time of the year. This was done inside the sky theater of JNP. After the introduction, the gathering had the opportunity of seeing the planet Jupiter and our Moon through the telescopes that were setup outside. Members of ABAA were there to help them identify the moons of Jupiter, people saw Callisto, Europa and IO on the eastern side and Ganymede on the western side Jupiter. People also enjoyed the bands on Jupiter. After seeing Jupiter's moons, people were thrilled and memorized watching our Moon through the telescope. They enjoyed the landscape of Moon filled with craters and “seas”. Members of ABAA also gave details on telescopes, how they are made and also cleared many doubts on various astronomical topics. It was a good interactive session.

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