20 November 2009


ABAA is known for telescope making and over two decades ABAA has conducted Telescope making workshop for students and general public. The Telescope making workshop has been attend by schools and colleges not only from Karnataka but all over the Country. The year ABAA conducted weekend Telescope Making workshop in Bangalore at JNP from August 1st to 13th September. Participants built 6 inch reflecting telescopes, starting from rough grinding, polishing the mirror and assembling the telescope. The workshop started with Mr Chandrashekar introducing participants to the basics in optics, telescopes and mounts. The workshop went on smoothly and all the telescopes were finished in time with good results. This time in the workshop Dobsonian mounts were used.

There telescopes were handed over to the participants on 13th of September in a small function presided by Prof. Shukre, Director of JNP.

The Workshop is conducted under the supervision of Jayanth, President, ABAA. and Mani.


  1. Congrats to TEAM ABAA who are pioneers in this art of telescope making...

    ABAA has made it possible for a common man to have a Telescope in his reach by way of helping them to build good quality telescope at affordable price.

    Prakash Subbanna.