26 November 2009

Outreach at Wipro

ABAA conducted Outreach program at Wipro campus in Amphitheater yesterday evening, Thursday 25/11/2009 evening. The program started with Jayanth, President, ABAA, giving a introduction about ABAA to a gathering of 150 wipro astronomy enthusiasts. Jayanth spoke about the formation of ABAA, making of PSN telescope and he also spoke about the Telescope making workshop, outreach programs conducted by ABAA.

Prakash Subbanna, Vice President, tossed some interesting questions at the gathering, many gave correct answers, this made the gathering more curious about Astronomy. Prakash spoke about ABAA activities like observations, telescope making, lectures. This gave the audience who were present there a source where they can pursue their interest. Later Prakash introduced ABAA members present there to the audience.

Following this Nagraj gave an very good illustrative talk about Solar system. With well organized slides, the talk started with the comparison of mass and size of different planets. Nagraj moved on to individual planets, briefly explaining about the planet's surface, atmosphere and also some interesting facts about planets that kept audience spell bound.

By the time Nagraj finished the talk, telescopes were ready, two telescopes, one aimed at Moon and the other aimed at Jupiter. People enjoyed the view of Moon and Jupiter through the telescopes. Clouds played a little spoil sport, Moon and Jupiter used get covered very often, but hats off to Wipro people as they waited patiently for clouds to clear.

As the people continued to view through the telescopes, there was a lively discussion going on, topics ranging from planets, telescopes, astrophotography,comets, galaxies and cosmology. Gathering had lots of questions which were answered by ABAA members.

On a whole the Outreach program was a success. Thanks to Kavitha for co ordinating the event and all the members who volunteered for the event and made the event a success.


  1. Firstly congrats on starting this blog...

    A very comprehensive report and very nice picture. Congrats to the team ABAA for successful out reach at WIPRO..Also for all the activities that has taken place in the year 2009.

    Good luck and looking forward for many more such activities.

    Prakash Subbanna.

  2. Great guys, let's keep going for more!